So.. yeah.

I apparently forgot that I had this blog.  I found it, ironically, when researching a topic that I wrote about (the German Flak Vest post).

After a few minutes of plugging away trying to remember my password I got in.  So let me tell you a little story about FLSGear.  It was, in effect, a good idea.  I had decent knowledge of survival skills/tools, experience with firearms, chickens, etc.   So I decided I’d write a blog and setup a simple amazon referral website to make a few $$.  Well, the reality is I went through some hard years.  REAL hard years.  And the time investment for the site, coupled with minimal returns made it exceptionally hard to justify the value of running said site and putting time into it.

These days I still indulge (albeit, not as much though maybe I should with the impending Nuclear War with Russia/China) in bushcraft and survival.  I grew some rabbits, learned all about those.   I’ve had ups and downs with fruit tree growing.  Peaches, for instance, are a real bastard.

Mostly these days I tend to my two boys, my wife, and tend to my day job.  I have a hobbyist game development blog I’ve written on extensively for two years now if you’re interested in that type of thing too:

My wife’s still a successful artist and mask maker.

Messina Studio – her art site!

“Working with my hands” – her on again off again mask making blog.

I discuss a number of things.  Considering I’m still getting comments on this site years after folding up shop, I figured I’d wrap up the saga.  Honestly there’s simply too much competition in most cases to be successful as a small ‘referral’ company via amazon.  Companies like Amazon itself,, and pretty much own the marketplace.

Thanks for the interest, I hope you enjoyed the articles (coarse though they were).  Maybe I’ll see you on my gaming blog.  Maybe not.  Stay safe, stay smart, keep learning.



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