Followup on dorkwebsites, 1 year later

One of my best linked/viewed articles was regarding dorkwebsites.  You can find that article here:

That said, I wanted to do a sort of followup.  It’s been over a year since I purchased the dorkwebsites template for – while I can’t say I’m rolling in money it’s more my own lack of effort than anything else.  Dorkwebsites, thus far, has done amazingly well for me.  The site has had almost no issues though I have run into a few snags recently that I thought I’d address.  These are less to do with Dorkwebsites than other sites changing their policies/codes.

A) Google Adsense.  For over a year, I was using google adsense on my site, per the instructions from Dorkwebsites.  Side note, I received those detailed instructions free with my purchase of the template online.  Then recently I was shut off from Adsense.  No warning; no letters of ‘fix this or else’.  Just a ‘too bad, so sad’.  And by the way, there is literally NO way to argue with google.  Don’t waste your breath.  This entire situation with them was so contrived and ridiculous it took me a week to find out what had happened.  Apparently google changed their policy regarding adsense account.  Now if you run an affiliate site like mine, they have a chance of shutting you down.  Apparently they look down at affiliate sites, despite the fact they made untold cash on their advertisements which were clicked through my site.  So in this case, unfortunately Dorkwebsites got the losing end of the stick.  Not much you can do here either as it seems Google is moving away from the old adsense model to a new ‘content driven’ one.  Thankfully the template isn’t tied to Google so I can find other advertisers to run with.

B) I had a site issue stemming from a recent update done to amazon.  I contacted Dorkwebsites support online and within 24 hours received a perfectly accurate response on how to fix it.  My site is back up and running.  As 15 year veteran of internet tech support, I can tell you this type of thing is extremely unusual and I’m very pleased by the interaction.  It definitely added some points in my book.

All in all, it’s been a mostly hassle free experience and my few necessary interactions with Dorkwebsites have been very pleasant.  So yes, a year later it’s still the best dollar I ever spent.

Mike of



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