Educate yourself with truth.

I preach a bit on here, and it’s been a while. We’re coming up on a hard winter and I think with thanksgiving around the corner it’s time to re-educate some people with the truth.

Now, you may think there’s no such thing as the truth but years ago I figured out at one of the lowest periods of my life; it’s one of those simple great truths for me at least and forms a foundation of much of my own personal philosophy.

First, there is actuality. Actuality is the truth; it is what is in all it’s simple and unvarnished glory.

Our perspective/view on actuality forms our reality. Therefore your perspective = your reality. This is a powerful concept – let it resonate for a few.

My goal as a person is to get AS CLOSE TO THE TRUTH AS I CAN; obviously my own personal bias interferes with that – creating my perspective driven reality. But if I can minimize the variation between that and actuality, I can remain relatively congruent with what is true.

This is very difficult. It requires relatively unbiased self-evaluation and the ability to know that you are wrong. It also takes the humility and courage to admit it. Admitting that you’re wrong is probably the hardest thing most people can do in their lives.

Moving on.

There are a lot of people who have a narrow educational view which constricts their thought process down to a specific spectrum of ideas. They become both unwilling to accept new ideas and violently opposed to seeing others outside of their viewpoint. This is a dangerous place; this polarizing method of thinking unfortunately leaves you with one path – the one you’re on. And if it’s the wrong path – guess what.. you’re going end up in the wrong place.

Now right and wrong can also be subjective in context; so again we want to get as close to the objective truth as we can with our subjective human brains.

Right now we’re seeing a ‘left wing’ and ‘right wing’ context played, both narrow in their scopes. Neither is willing to look at anything else (more on this later). I’m not advocating compromise, but rather open mindedness. The whole ‘walk a mile in their shoes’ bit. What bothers me is that very few people realize there is a way for everyone to get what they want.

You can have your socalized medicine, welfare, and housing. I can have lassez faire capitalism and reward for my hard work. The answer to every political party all bundled into one:

The 10th amendment. You see when this country was founded, our founding fathers actually (gasp) had different ideas on how to run the show. Some wanted a king. Some wanted capitalism. Some were practically anarchists. The solution, was to allow each state to govern itself. If you didn’t like your state, guess what?! You could just leave! It was simple. Move from NY to PA and you go from the empire state to the commonwealth. Each had variations on their own view of how things should be run and got along fine – until the civil war. You may not be aware I’m a participating N-SSA shooter for a confederate team (Wheats LA Tiger Rifles Company B). I’ve heard both incomplete sides of the story.

Story A) Union soldiers were trying to free the slaves. This is a partial truth.
Story B) Confederate soldiers were fighting for their rights to secede and state sovereignty – it wasn’t about slavery. This is also incomplete.

The truth here is that it WAS about slavery – but it was also about states rights. More specifically, it was about HOW the union government decided to use the truncheon in lieu of diplomacy to achieve the goals of what the northern states wanted to do. Why this was important is that slavery formed the backbone of the southern economy. It’d be akin to saying that automakers would have to not use slave labor robots anymore; though obviously that’s not a completely congruent analogy. You get the point though.

It would yank the legs out from under the industry, as it effectively did to the southern economy. Ever wonder why southern states are so poor nowadays? Even 150 years later, they still haven’t fully recovered from the shock of it.

Check this site out and the try to extrapolate it out to modern day money via inflation.

This site does a bit of the math for the inflation aspect:

“Using these measures, the value in 2009 of $500 in 1850 (the average price of a slave that year) ranges from $11,000 to $162,000 thousand.”

Can you imagine.. having a farm which you used for your whole family and then being told to simply give up 160,000 dollar investments? I need to reiterate here for the non-objective audience here that I do not in any way condone slavery; but you need to examine this with an open mind so I’m giving it to you with both barrels right now.

The wealth of the slavery business the south ranged between 6 and 13 TRILLION dollars. That’s Trillion – with a T.

Imagine that. For reference, our yearly GDP is 14,582,400 for 2010. Imagine the devastating effect that the leaders of the south KNEW that would have on their economy.

Would you just let that happen? Hell no. And they did their best to prevent it.

*did I mention I don’t condone slavery? Just sayin*

The fact is that the northern government could have achieved their ends with much less violent methods, but they chose not to. They suspended habeas corpus and launched what basically amounted to an illegal war to retain power for the north. While the payoff was that slavery was eliminated in this country (at least, slavery as known in 1860’s terms – but that’s a paper for another time), we did however set back our 10th amendment rights 150 years.

So what’s the moral of the story?

Vote Ron Paul.


Look it up. His stance on the 10th amendment – as well as just about anything else, is unflappable (once you get past the constant panning/sandbagging by the powers that be and their corporate owned media). Restore 10th amendment rights. Restore power to the states. Bring back the ability for people to have sovereignty in their own states without some federal nanny commission f..king it up. That way you can have your hippy commune – and I can have my small business in a capitalist system.

PS – I know I’m not 100% accurate. I did the best I could but I highly encourage you to fact check and come up with your own perspective outside of my own.



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