Scam searches

I checked my web traffic and it looks like I’ve been getting an influx of two major sets of searches.

1) Dorkwebsites scam. Please note – I am a customer of theirs in that I bought my website template/AOM site from them. That’s really the furthest my association with them extends. Regardless I wrote a post previously detailing my excellent experience with them thus far. I’ve been running my site effectively maintenance free for over two months. It’s idiotproof and cheap. I know that it’s hard to believe a good deal exists in this day and age – yet it does. 🙂 Check it out for yourself at – this site literally took me all of but two hours to setup and cost me one dollar. Best dollar I ever spent.

2) CWR electronics scam. When I was first setting up my website I attempted back in NOV 2010 to get a CWR electronics account. I had my site setup, my zencart established, everything was rocking and rolling and then they sent me a letter saying they could no longer offer me an account due to policy changes from THEIR vendors. So I won’t say it’s a scam but I will say you’re unlikely to get/keep an account with them if you’re not a big-box store.



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