Interesting article on another blog/ezine

Some excerpts of this some may find useful in an emergency situation:
“I ended up living in my deceased biological father’s camper in the middle of a Walmart parking lot — taking advantage of their policy allowing travelers and campers to stay overnight on their lots for free.”

“I showered at a nearby mom-and-pop gym where I purchased a membership for $9.99 a month. If I needed to use a restroom in the middle of the night, there was a 24-hour gas station on the same block. I’d learned from a book I’d read years before that you can boil water on a car radiator to cook food. I purchased a large high-powered flashlight that I shone at the ceiling of the trailer at night, and it would give me enough light to read by.”

I knew a girl who looked surprisingly like this one that lived out of her car in california for a few years. The techniques listed above are VERY similar to ones I’ve heard though I can think of far more efficient ways of cooking my food before consuming all that gas to heat up a radiator. One of my favorites is out of the nuclear war survival skills ebook (which is free and found here: ). It’s a flameless cooker which basically consists of a slow cooker made out of some old rags/newspaper and some buckets. Nonetheless we can all armchair it to our heart’s content; she lived it so she I’m sure had reasons for doing what she did.

Another great quote: As “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” would put it, don’t panic. Be as savvy as you can with the resources you have available to you.

Amen to that. That right there sums up about any survival mentality you would ever read about or need.

Where I’ve grown up, I as many others have had a significant amount of exposure to the homeless. Ironically, I don’t think they’re a blight on society. Rather, they fill a gap which is actually very important in the sense that they are reusers and low impact. Cultural carrion eaters, as it were. Now I’m not advocating we all ‘get homeless’ and live on a corner in a box somewhere. What I am saying however is we should treat our fellows with a bit of dignity and respect – after all they’re being more environmentally friendly than 99% of the people in the green movement. They also live in concert with society, filling the niches which naturally evolve as we as a culture grow. Worst case, they’ve hit some hard times and don’t know what to do about it. I don’t look at them as particularly violent or offensive though that may be something specific to my own region (Harrisburg, PA).

I try to look to them FIRST for a source of inspiration on how to make something out of nothing. Between the homeless and 3rd world nations you can find some interesting ways of trying to eake out an existence. On that note if you’ve never been to, you should check it out. See some of that ingenuity that I’m referring to.


Bettering your existence, regardless of station is done by exerting your ingenuity upon the resources you have available to you at that time. Maybe I should print off some copies of the NWSS and hand it out to the local homeless. After all why buy him a meal when I can just teach him how to scavenge his own from edible wildflowers?

What do you think – homeless: friend, foe, or inspiration?



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