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Scam searches

I checked my web traffic and it looks like I’ve been getting an influx of two major sets of searches. 1) Dorkwebsites scam. Please note – I am a customer of theirs in that I bought my website template/AOM site … Continue reading

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Interesting article on another blog/ezine Some excerpts of this some may find useful in an emergency situation: “I ended up living in my deceased biological father’s camper in the middle of a Walmart parking lot — taking advantage of their policy allowing travelers and … Continue reading

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New project: Zombie trail: oregon trail w/ zombies

It’s been a passion of mine for many years now; video game programming for fun. I’ve looked around and not found any clones/modifications of oregon trail. This will be my ode to a classic, with a series of variations. So … Continue reading

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Last minute shopping for the soon to be furloughed

If you’re one of the estimated 800,000 federal employees temporarily on the chopping block, you’ve got some last minute shopping to do. I think everyone at this point can see that the old guard and new guard are spoiling for … Continue reading

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