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Positive effects of survival TV

Survival TV seems to be on a pretty positive uptick recently; the purist in me, and amongst many others desires to call out these shows as shams. However, secretly I enjoy indulging in them, even occasionally into the more absurd … Continue reading

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Long term lighting in TEOWATKI

For those who are struggling with the concept, post TEOWATKI (common acronym for “The end of the world as we know it.”), lighting is going to be a luxury. That being said, many people in their bug out/shelter plans do … Continue reading

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Safely heating your indoors using an outdoor grill.

In an emergency, especially in the winter, one can find that it’s quite difficult to heat your indoor area safely. Carbon monoxide poisoning kills many people every year because of poor or bad planning. There are a few ways to … Continue reading

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About dorkwebsites…

I found their product on ebay, sheerly on chance.  I was searching just random search terms to try to revive my flagging interest in my business (at that time, CWR electronics had just shot my account the center of the … Continue reading

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Got off the hump.  The site is up, the store is loaded, the ads are built and linked, the accounts are linked, and the site widgets on the about-us page are loaded.  GG BRO  

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